About Big 44

Hello fellow collectors and traders! My name is Nate, the sole operator behind Big 44 Sports Cards. New York native, Pittsburgh fan. Steelers and Pirates all the way.

I've been collecting cards for years, although I've begun to collect seriously over the past two years. My big sports are baseball and basketball, but I consistently collect football as well. No hockey. Experienced with TTM collecting.

I use my "Box Breaks and Reviews" page to share my experiences of breaking hobby boxes, and I'll also provide short reviews for each box I break. The "My Prize/Favorite Cards" page is basically just for me to show off my collection and my favorite cards. If you like what you see, don't hesitate to contact me!

This is my first blogging experience, so bear with me. I'd love to communicate and trade with fellow collectors.

Feel free to email me at: nsbell440@gmail.com

I'm also on Twitter: @big44cards

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