Monday, April 20, 2015

Big 44 Reincarnated, With a Contest

Hello world!

After a 9 month hiatus, I will attempt to make my triumphant return to the blogging world. My time off has been a product of many factors, the foremost being a very busy schedule. After starting a new job last summer I have finally settled in at work and have achieved a somewhat consistent schedule.

There's another reason that I've been away from collecting- which is collecting-related; and I will chronicle that in length in my next post (stay tuned).

But enough about me! To kick this off, I want to see if there's anyone out there that is still interested in listening to me ramble. If you're out there, please join me in dusting off the cobwebs and attempting to revive my blog. It all starts with this contest:

It's essentially a smorgasbord of nothingness! Details: 

2013 Topps Target Red Ryan Ludwick 
2014 Topps Miguel Montero Wal-Mart Blue Parallel
2013 Bowman Chrome Elvis Andrus Refractor
2013 Topps Chrome Starlin Castro Purple Parallel
2013 Topps Chrome David Ortiz Die Cut
2012 Topps Mark Hamburger "Golden Moments" Auto

There's actually some pretty good stuff here. Lots of parallels and shiny stuff.. even an autograph from a dude named Hamburger! What could be better?!

Here are the rules: The contest will run until Sunday, April 26th at 10 PM EST. There are three ways to enter:  (1) Drop a comment. Anything works. (2) With your comment: Detail, in a few sentences, your favorite memory/most cherished moment that took place in a major league ballpark, and (3) "Pimp" this contest on your blog. You know the drill.

So that's a maximum of 3 entries per person. All entries will be randomized, and lucky number 1 will be taking home the loot.

If this goes well, I'd love to continue to do more in the future. Let's get this rolling...


  1. Glad to see you back!

    I haven't been to very many ballgames, honestly. Maybe my favorite memory would be attending a Padre game the last year they were at Jack Murphy Stadium (Qualcom). My best friend and I had seats way up in the nosebleeds, but it was still a lot of fun.

  2. Who doesn't like hamburgers? I've been to hundreds of games in my lifetime and I've never witnessed anything historical (outside of a playoff game here and there)... so I'll have to go with something sentimental. When I was a kid, my brother would take me A's games at the Coliseum and one time a foul ball came towards us. His girlfriend (and future wife/ex-wife) dove over a row of seats and broke her nose trying to get me the ball.

  3. Welcome back!

    I've been to a ton of games, but the Pirates Wild Card game against the Reds takes the prize as being most memorable. Ending that awful losing streak made it feel like a weight had been lifted off the franchise. The atmosphere was electric and you could just see that the team had turned a corner.

  4. Welcome back!
    I've never been to a Major League ballgame, but I have been to the local Majors playoff game last year of the Intercounty Baseball League. The score was 8-0 for the Majors going to the 7th and the Panthers came back. They did win the series though. :)