Thursday, April 3, 2014

CONTEST! Rookies, Relics, and Your Favorite Player

Good evening fellow bloggers, I've decided to run another contest! My last one was a pretty big success, so I'd like to continue running them monthly, ideally.

Here's what's up for grabs!

Quite the odd assortment, I know. A couple of nice rookies up top, as these two guys will have a legitimate chance to make an impact this year. Also a funky-looking die-cut insert of Matt Holliday and a Jeff Francis jersey relic from 2010 Heritage. Winner takes all!

Here are the guidelines:

1 Entry: In a comment, let me know who your favorite ACTIVE baseball player is, and why.
1 Entry: Also in your comment: Do you collect football cards, and would you enter a contest similar to this if the prizes were football cards? 
2 Entries: Post about this contest on your blog. Please let me know if you've done so so I can cadd that your tally. 

So, each participant can achieve a maximum of 4 entries. All entries will be tallied and randomized 14 times through on Wednesday, April 9th. Whoever is in the #1 spot after all 14 randomizations wins!

Good luck, and thanks for participating!


  1. My current favorite active player is Scooter Gennett on the Brewers. I got to meet him a couple years ago and watch him play at Spring Training a few years back. I'm glad to see he not only made the 25 man roster, but was an opening day starter and I think he went 2 for 4. And I'm glad to see he finally got a couple non-Bowman cards this year.

    Yep I collect football and yeas I would enter a contest similar to this for free football cards.

    Your contest has been pimped.

    Thanks for the contest.

  2. Current favourite active player is Jose Bautista. He hits moonshot home runs - aka: Bautists Bombs!

    I collect a few football cards, and would enter a similar contest - who doesnt like free cards!

  3. Brett Lawrie--As a Canadian and Blue Jay fan, he epitomizes the hockey mindset in his style of play--gotta love him
    Not much of a football collector but free is good and could always flip for something

  4. Michael Pineda, even though I haven't seen him pitch a game for my team yet. I like his attitude, and think he'll be a star in NY.

    Not much of a football collector.

  5. Kershaw, great pitcher ! And do you mean US football or real football, as in soccer, the latter yes the former no :-)

  6. Eric Sogard - At the moment there aren't a lot of A's or Padres players that stand out... so for the time being, The Nerd is at the helm. Although Kurt Suzuki will always be in the running.

    I love football cards. Maybe not as much as baseball... but I still have a decent Packers and Seahawks PC.

  7. Dustin Ackley is my favorite player and I like him because (1) he plays for my favorite team (Mariners) and (2) he is just an average guy and doesn't seem to have an attitude. He just plays and enjoys the game.

    I do collect football cards, I would enter a football contest (especially if there are Seahawks cards involved).

  8. Matt Kemp is my favorite player by far, though Kershaw gives him a run for his money.

    I would be interested in football cards if only to trade them to a fellow blogger. I will never pass up free cards.

  9. Despite my allegiance to the Blue Jays, the Pirates are actually my favourite NL team because I'm a big fan of pre-war baseball and they have a storied past. That said, my favourite active player is actually Andrew McCuthen. The guy has crazy skill and a great attitude towards the game, the fans, etc. I don't get to see a lot of Pirates games, but I actively seek out Cutch's highlights.

    I'm strictly a baseball guy; no football cards or contests for me, thanks.

    And lastly, I've posted about your contest over at my blog:

    Thanks for the contest!


  10. My favorite player is Andrew McCutchen. The guy is leading the charge of brining back baseball in PIttsburgh. He is creating a whole new generation of fans and is just now entering his prime. The sky is the limit.

    I do collect some football. I collect players from my alma mater West Virginia University. Also have friends that collect football so it adds to my trade bait.

    Thanks for the contest

  11. My Favorite Player is David Wright / Miguel Cabrera, which ever one is hitting his stride. :D
    I do collect some Football and a little Basketball but mainly all Baseball.

  12. Favorite player is Matt Kemp. More for what he does off the field rather than on the field nowadays. Comeback player of the year for 2014 though
    = )
    Dont collect football but I would still enter contest to promote other blogs and use as trade bait or give to someone that would appreciate them

    And the link to this contest.
    Good luck everyone

  13. Lance Lynn because he is a beast. I do somewhat collect the Colts and may enter a contest if it were football related. Thanks for the contest!

  14. My favorite current player is Matt Cain, he has been a really good pitcher for my favorite team for a number of years.
    I do collect football, usually the Topps and Topps Chrome sets each year plus any guys that went to USC.
    Thanks for the contest.

  15. It's kind of tough to pick one, but I'd say Trevor Rosenthal, with Matt Holliday and Adam Wainwright just behind him.
    As for football, I don't buy much of it because I'm really only interested in Rams cards, whereas in baseball I like collecting all teams. But, I've entered contests with team-specific prizes. depends :)

    And finally, I promoted you here:

  16. My favorite active player is Yadier Molina. He is the best all around catcher in MLB and he is a Cardinal. I would participate in a football card contest but only for pre-1985.

    Please check out my blog post about your contest.

  17. Favorite player is Freddie Freeman. A good first baseman and an excellent hitter.

    I don't actively collect football cards but always welcome new cardboard!

  18. I'm a Clayton Kershaw guy. But I have to mention a few others, since it's not a runaway: A.J. Ellis, Hyun-jin Ryu, Derek Jeter, David Wright, Hiroki Kuroda, Ichiro... and Joe Maddon (if you extend it to include active managers).

    Football? Nope.

    Thanks for the contest!