Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Hanger Pack of 2014 Topps S1 and a Quick Puig Rant

A little late to the party, but not too late. Fashionably late, we'll say. I hope you're not sick of seeing these babies just yet.

Yesterday I picked up a hanger pack of 2014 S1 from the big blue box. From what I've seen and heard, this year's design is nothing to write home about. I decided to judge for myself:

It's nice to see a bonafide star gracing the cover, rather than a potential star. Let's get straight into the box contents.

Starting off the with base cards, they're not horrible. I've heard a ton from collectors about the design, and rightfully so. It's different, that's for sure. I don't have a huge problem with the wavy bottom, but it's the strange looking cut-out-tab looking thingy on the right side that really gets me. It's entirely unnecessary. In my opinion, one non-straight edge is plenty. It's also not necessary to have the team names spelled out on the right hand side when the logo is already in the bottom left. But I digress.

This was my only Pirate, which is disappointing. Better Cutch thatn no one though! I do like the Ripken insert, probably because it has the old-school look. Simple, colorful, effective.

Above is the new red sparkle parallels, which I prefer much more than the old emeralds. These look sharp. I also like the Upper Class inserts, which are also clean and effective. It's also cool to see Randy Johnson in a 'Spos jersey, about to hurl an 89 mile per hour slider (that will most likely break your knees).

And of course, the obligatory Puig insert. To be blunt, I am thoroughly sick of seeing this guy. I'm sick of seeing so much praise for a guy that hasn't even had 400 major league at bats. It's safe to say that I will root against this guy in 2014. Combine both his on and off-field antics with the fact he's completely reckless, and I've got plenty of reasons to dislike him.

The common rebuttal from collectors is often, "He's good for the hobby." Is he? Is he good for the hobby? Or is he good for Topps?

I'd argue the latter. Set builders in particular come to mind. It seems that set builders dread having to search for a Puig card to complete their set, because they're either too expensive or no will trade them.

Rant concluded. Moving on:

The top row is the good ol' blue Walmart blue parallels. Not much to see there. I also landed two canary yellow parallels, which are absolutely hideous. I will say however, that the Callaspo parallel looks excellent only because of the A's colors. I can't think of any other team that this would work with though; so A's fans, you've lucked out here. Everyone else: Sorry.

I was happy to see that the gold parallel was at least a relevant, everyday player. We'll see if Mr. Brown continue striking bombs in 2014 and stand out for reeling Phillies squad.

Every thing except for Cutch is for trade. Get in touch if you see something you like!

I'll be tearing open some hobby packs later tonight, so hopefully I'll have another post up sooner than later. 

Thanks for reading, 


  1. Since you dont like him want to trade Puig?
    = )
    Also did you get my last tweet/comment about your 13 BC blue I could use if you still have it?

    1. The Puig's all yours. I shot you an email regarding the BC blue!

    2. Damn...
      Must have gone to junk mail and I just delete that.
      Thats my bad.
      What was the verdict?

  2. For all of the reasons you gave, I don't think Puig's popularity will last forever. He reminds me too much of Darryl Strawberry. All the potential in the world, but he bought into his own invincibility too soon, and his greatness was short lived. Very few of the stars of the hobby are non-American. Sure there's Ichiro and Pujols, but they've "Americanized" themselves in our eyes. Puig portrays himself as a cocky outsider hailing from a communist country. His brashness won't be cute for very long, it'll get old real quick and collectors will move on to the next big thing.

    1. Very well said, love the Strawberry comparison. I've tried to give Puig a chance, he's just given me so many reasons to hate him.

  3. Man! You keep pulling Padres that I want! I actually really like the yellow parallels, and after putting together the emerald team set from last year, am trying to put together the yellow parallel team set this year.

    Spot on about Puig. I'm more than a little biased since he's on a team I hate, but I would agree regardless of what team he was on.

    1. Oh, and don't you think the Pirates cards would look good with the yellow borders? I guess I just like 'em because they remind me of the '91 Fleer set, one of my favorites.

    2. Marcus,

      The Tyson Ross is yours. I'll set it aside and sent it in a bubble mailer after I accumulate some more Padres.

      This may be very picky, but I don't like the canary yellow with the Pirates. Pittsburgh's colors are technically black and "gold", with the gold being more of a dark yellow. The canary yellow is just a little too bold and in-your-face for me. But for someone who's big on the '91 Fleer design, I could definitely see it!

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