Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Literal Run to the LCS for Some Topps Chrome

Not to toot my own here but... *Fog Horn Blows* 

I had one of the greatest ideas today. Let me start with some background here. Twice each week, I go for a four mile run for my weekly cardio exercise. My girlfriend is a marathon runner, and her encouragement has gotten me off the treadmill and running on roads. I must say, it's pretty addicting.

How does this pertain to cardboard? Well, My LCS is about two miles away, and just happens to fall on one of favorite roads to run. Today is a cardio day but much more importantly, the day that Topps Chrome is released! See where this is going?

I threw some cash in my pocket and set out for my run. Half way through, I stopped at Dugout Cards. I wasn't sure if they had gotten Topps Chrome yet, but I figured it couldn't hurt to asl. I was in luck! A case had arrived hours prior to my arrival. This LCS only sells hobby packs, which I'm more than OK with. The shopkeeper knew exactly why I was there. With a big grin, he pointed to the closest counter. 4 bucks a pack, not terrible. While reaching for a couple packs, I asked if he had ripped any packs yet. Without saying a word, he threw an opened box on the counter and indicated that I could file through them if I pleased. He seemed pretty eager to show off, so I shuffled through, careful not to drip sweat all over his refractors.

With two packs in my pocket, I was eager to get home and had no problem hustling through the last two miles. I think I've found the best possible running motivation!

Here's what was inside:

I was hoping for a parallel, ideally an auto of course. But I'm very happy to pull three RCs, even if they are base cards. Can't go wrong with Profar. Interesting that 6 of my 8 cards are from only two teams. The Oritz die-cut is very... cut. Kind of reminds me of that elementary-school craft where you'd make snowflakes from a folded piece of paper.

I think I did decent with my two packs. What do you think?

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