Friday, August 30, 2013

Awesome Bucs Cards from Ryan

The title says it all. Ryan from the awesome blog "O" NO!!! Another Orioles Blog hooked me up last week. I'd tell you to go check him out, but chances are you're well aware of him if you're reading this. But if you're not... check him out!

Ryan sent me a fat lot of Buccos cards, with a GREAT mix of players. Quite a bit of nostalgia here, thanks Ryan!

Let's start with this gem of one of my all time favorite Buccos. I'm not sure what's up with the vintage TV design here. Imagine how that design would go over now adays. Giles was one of few bright spots for the Bucs in the early 2000s, especially at home. He absolutely raked at Three Rivers and PNC, hitting over 35 homers in four straight seasons before he was traded to San Diego and his power numbers fell dramatically. 

Now that I say that, it makes me think that he was probably juicing. I will always love him regardless.

Here are his career numbers, take note of '99-'03. You be the judge!

These two also made me smile. The Topps Gold on the left is not a typo! Tim Wakefield actually started his career with the Pirates, before spending the rest of his career with Boston. He came around in '92... maybe the curse is his fault? On the right is Neil Walker in catchers gear which is absolutely awesome. He came into the minors as a catcher, and was then converted to a third baseman. He played in only 9 games in 2009, all at third base before being converted to a 2B for good. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, he's a Pittsburgher through and through. He was also a star wideout in high school, proving that he's a complete athlete.

Here's the real gem of the lot. I was very excited about this kid when he came up last year, and he did well in his short time with the Pirates. He was dealt to Boston last year in the now-named "Hanrahan/Melancon deal." No hard feelings toward you Brock! A welcome addition to my collection. I'd love to see him do well with Boston if he can work his way into the daily line-up.

Thanks again to Ryan, and thanks so much for reading! GO BUCS!

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  1. Brian Giles worked at my high school when I was there in the mid 90s. I guess when the minor league season was over, his day job was being a "narc" (what we called the security guys who just walked around looking somewhat menacing making sure no trouble was going on). For what it's worth, he was always a big, muscle-bound guy, even back then. One of these days I'll post a blog about my minor brushes with him (not much) and going to school with his brother Marcus.