Sunday, July 21, 2013

Who likes die cuts?

I like die cuts. Alot. Especially when they're shiny. Who doesn't love shiny things?

Because of my passion for die cuts, things that sparkle, and Topps baseball cards, I've decided to attempt to complete a set of the Topps Cut to the Chase inserts. These cards were inserted into both Topps 2013 Series 1 and Series 2. 48 total cards. Here's what they look like if you need a quick refresher:

This is a PSA to those of you who have any of these lying around! I'll list the ones I already have at the end of this post. If you have any of these that I don't already have, I'd love to trade with you! To see what I have available for trade, please refer to my "List of additional cards" page, here. I also have tons of base cards, parallels, and inserts from Topps 2013 and Topps 2012. Or, if you have a favorite player or team, don't be afraid to ask me about that too! You can reach me at

As always thanks for reading!!

CTC's I have so far:

CTC-2 Ken Griffey Jr.
CTC-6 Carlos Gonzalez
CTC-7 Stan Musial
CTC-11 Yu Darvish
CTC-13 Brett Lawrie
CTC-14 David Price
CTC-19 Mike Schmidt
CTC-21 Andrew McCutchen
CTC-27 Ralph Kiner
CTC-35 Chris Sale
CTC-38 Prince Fielder
CTC-39 Yeonis Cespides
CTC-40 Cal Ripken Jr.
CTC-41 Stephen Strasberg
CTC-42 R.A. Dickey

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