Saturday, June 22, 2013

2013 Panini Marquee Hobby Box Break and Review

My first hobby box of the summer is a from my favorite manufacturer of basketball cards- Panini. After some research, I decided to try out a box from the "Marquee" product line.

Not that it's all that important, but I love shape and dimensions of the box itself. It's long rectangular shape makes it easy to put the base cards back in once the box is empty. Easy for storage.

Anyways, on to the highlights of the break: 

Paul George Base #94
Dominique Wilkins "Slam Dunk Legends" #4

(L to R)
Brandon Knight White PETG Group V Rookie #474 
Brandon Knight Holoboard Group II Rookie #244
Anthony Davis Laser Cut Group III Rookie #312

Swirlorama Group I Rookies:
Kemba Walker #162
Kyrie Irving #161
Jimmer Fredette #170

Rookie Signatures:
Derrick Williams #13
Orlando Johnson #70
Lance Thomas #86

Overall design: These cards are really pretty. I included the picture of the Paul George card so you can get an idea of what the base cards look like. Every card is made of thick cardstock, including the base set. The refractor look to the base set is a really nice touch. For those who enjoy collecting base sets, this product is for you. The inserts are also nice cards. The halographic swirl patterns on certain sets adds a "wow factor."

Box contents: With a total of sixteen different sets in the product line, collectors will be getting a great variety in each box. About half of those sets are rookie sets, so expect a lot of young faces in your packs. About 40% of the cards from my box were rookies, so it's safe to say that this product is very rookie-based. The product guarantees 3 auto's, and as you can see, all three of mine were rookies. For those of you who prefer veterans, this isn't a box for you. Veteran cards are sparse, but they are in here, including a set of autos. There is also a 24 card set of coach's autographs, many of whom are legends. It's also important to note that there no memorabilia cards.

The Hits: This product seems to come through with the hits. I'm not ecstatic with mine, but I'm not complaining either. Any product that brings three autos for less than 100 bucks is worth it to me. The Derrick Williams auto was nice to see- here's to hoping he pans out, being the #2 overall pick and all. The Kyrie Irving Swirlorama seems to have some serious value as well.

Positives: Cards design, variety, rookies, value
Negatives: Lack of veterans, lack of serial numbers, autos are stickers

Rating: 8 out of 10. Another great product from Panini.

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