Monday, June 24, 2013

2012-13 Panini Threads Basketball Hobby Box Break and Review

After a nice check on payday, I couldn't help but ponder my next hobby box. Panini basketball products are my favorite type of sports card, which you'll see as my blog continues to develop. I've never dabbled in the Threads product line, so I gave it a shot with a hobby box. Guaranteed 3 auto's and a memorabilia card for $73. Can't beat that. Onto the break:

The box

Here's a look at the base cards. I love the Ray Allen card and the way it highlights his move to Miami. All the other base cards in the box were more like the Derrick Rose card. The photos are of perfect quality, and the banner running up the left side of the cards looks great. The color varies per team. Moving to the inserts:

Here we see the "Inside Presence" inserts. Pretty decent names.I dig the backgrounds.

Next is the "Floor Generals" inserts. Unlike above, these cards keep their natural background. I prefer the latter but not a big deal.

"High Flyers" inserts. I love the names I pulled here, Ibaka, J.R. Smith, Rose, and Blake Griffin. All cards have nice action shots on them.

Another line of inserts for this box, the "Century Greats." Love seeing Havilcek get some love here, and what a great picture of Walton. Really cool cards.

Here are the dicut threads cards. A somewhat odd group of names here (L to R): Serge Ibaka, Marc Gasol, Marquis Teague, John Henson, Chris Singleton.

My favorite line of inserts, the "Talented Twosomes." Couldn't be happier with the pulls either, particularly the Knight/Monroe card. What a duo they can be. The Curry/Lee card is a better picture though. Again, photography is clear as day.

The Hits

Tony Parker Jersey- Nice card. No serial number, which is a bit disappointing. It's shame that the Spurs lost the finals, because this guy may have had a shot at the MVP. Probably would have been Tim Duncan.. but one can dream.

Look who it is, again! Another Derrick Williams auto, along with Enes Kanter. For some reason, neither one of these guys excites me too much. Maybe it's because they're both on terrible teams, who knows. I really should not complain though. These guys did go #2 and #3 in the draft, after all. The cards are actually made of wood, and the auto's are on card. No serial numbers :(

Now, why the Jrue Holiday you ask? Take a close look at the silver stripe along the bottom. Every other base card in the box has a bronze stripe (The Ray Allen and D-Rose commons up top are visually misleading, but trust me, they're identical).

So that silver stripe caught my eye. A parallel! My favorite. I flipped the card over and to overwhelming surprise...

BOOM! Hiding in the left hand corner. It's the lowest serial numbered card I've ever owned. Turns out that the stripe isn't silver, it's platinum. Very exciting card from an exciting young player. 

Last but not least, a redemption auto in my final pack:

I can redeem a torn ACL! Poor Gallo. Hope his rehab is going well. It's my understanding that this card will be an on-card auto on one of the jersey style threads cards seen above. I don't believe that it will be numbered.

The checklist for the Team Threads Signatures has some awesome names on it, so seeing that made my heart jump, and seeing Gallo made it un-jump. He deserves some credit though, he's a very consistent scorer and this looks to be a really nice card. I'll probably redeem it sooner than later.

Overall design: The cards themselves satisfy. The photography is professional, and I'm a huge fan of the horizontal banner on the left side of the base cards, it's a creative and looks sharp. Out of all the inserts, I like the Inside Presence the best when I comes to design. 

Box contents: The base set of 150 is very collectable, and you'll be well over halfway to a set with just one box. The base set contains only veterans. The insert sets offer some great variety, from big men to point guards to legends. 

The Hits: This product really comes through. Three autos and a patch card (possibly triple patch) is an awesome ratio for cost. The possibility of pulling low numbered cards ups the ante. 

Positives: Value, card design, variety, autos are on card
Negatives: No rookie base cards, only 5 cards per pack

Rating: 9 out of 10. A staple of Panini Basketball.

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